Newspaper readership

Perhaps you’ve heard this before: Newspapers are dying and only old people read them.

According to a 2021 Market Study by Coda Ventures, that perception is false.

The survey reports that the No. 1 age demographic of print newspaper reach is actually residents 18-34 years old – 6% higher than baby boomers – and more than 8 out of 10 residents find information from newspapers and their websites.

Perhaps not surprising in the digital age is that the top way residents access news publishers’ information is via digital at 77%, but print remains strong at 70%, and people who access news on both print and digital platforms at 66%.

A Webinar dubbed “Data to Tell and Sell Our Newspaper Story” will go over the Coda Ventures survey results and how newspapers can use the information. It is scheduled for 10 a.m. May 20. Click here to register. 

“In one month, 86% of Louisiana adults engaged with news, information and advertising from Louisiana newspapers across their various platforms: daily printed newspapers, weekend/Sunday printed newspapers, community newspapers, websites, social media, apps and/or emails, making newspaper readers an Advertiser’s best prospect,” said Craig Besant, Coda Ventures vice president.

Some other takeaways from the recently conducted 2021 Market Survey, which was contracted out by the Louisiana Press Association, include:

On readership:

79% of newspaper readers have college exposure, including graduate degrees, while 62% make more than $50K per year.

On public notices:

78% of Louisiana residents say they read public notices in the newspaper, and 72% say government should be required to publish public notices in newspapers.

On advertising:

85% of Louisiana adults say newspaper advertising is important.

Six out of 10 adults say newspapers and their websites are used to make purchase decisions about products, brands and local stores and services.

The survey also has information on what people expect to purchase, services they plan to change, and if and where they plan to travel in the next 12 months.

On community:

Newspapers and their websites are the primary source of community information, and newspaper readers are more in involved, engaged and influential than non-readers.

Newspapers reach 90% of all voters.

On activities:

27% of residents exercise at a gym or health club, and newspaper media reaches 90% of them.

11% of residents play golf, and newspaper media has a 98% reach among them.

35% of adults say they plan to attend a local fair or festival in the next 12 months, and the newspaper reaches 94% of them.

“There is so much great data in the Louisiana Market study,” Besant said.