Helping Hands

A couple of days after Hurricane Ida ripped through Plaquemines Parish -- leaving it without power and in distress, there would seem no way a newspaper would be available.

But there they were, Gazette owners Norris Babin and Dale Benoit, taking papers to any place they could drop one ... and encouraging shops to provide the paper for free to ensure residents stayed informed.

Similarly, somehow and someway Christine Browning and her team got the L'Observateur out on the Wednesday after the storm in LaPlace, and "we have plans to print every Wednesday going forward," she said in an email.

It's not surprising that when people have ink in their blood and community in their hearts that they would get the paper out -- come hell and high water. But that doesn't mean they're not hurting.

To that end, the Louisiana Press Association and the Louisiana Press Foundation have put together two programs to help members.

Grants Available

The Foundation has set criteria and created grants for newspapers and individuals in federally declared disaster areas. You can find the criteria and application for newspapers by clicking here, for individuals by clicking here.

Funding is limited, and the deadline to apply for funds is Dec. 31, 2021.

The Foundation is accepting donations, which can be done by clicking here.

Chance to Share

The Association is launching LPA Share, a content sharing platform among LPA members. It will allow members who sign-up to participate to submit stories, as well as run them.

Here is how it works:

For a paper submitting to the Share network, they would submit the story and/or photos with proper attribution to The story and/or its assets will be put on the content platform, which will send an email out to members who have signed up for it but can also be accessed through the platform itself.

For editors who want to use content submitted to the network, they must ensure the story and/or photos are properly attributed to the submitting paper.

LPA Share can be used year-round, though members have requested information specific to Hurricane Ida at this time.

Click here to access the agreement. When complete, send to

If you have suggestions on how LPA can further help its members, please contact Executive Director Jerry Raehal at or 225-351-0702.