Forty years in the business has left Pulitzer winning feature reporter Tom Hallman this observation: Readers are bombarded and overwhelmed with fact.

"What we long for, though, is meaning and a connection at a deeper and more universal level," writes Hallman, who works for The Oregonian and is a frequent speaker at press conventions.

Connecting people to stories is one reason he started teaching a writing class. And that led to him offering some of his students' stories to newspapers.

LPA members can access the feature stories at no cost. Papers such as Wyoming's award-winning Gillette News-Record run the series, as the stories have nothing to do with geography.

"They do, however, have everything to do with life," Hallman writes

The articles are part of an ongoing series dubbed, "Anyone can write."

"I take great satisfaction in helping so-called non-writers find and write stories from their lives and experiences," he writes. "... I remind them if they follow their hearts, they will discover they are storytellers."

LPA Executive Director Jerry Raehal has worked with Hallman in the past.

"He's both an instructive and inspiring person and coach," Raehal said. "He was a speaker at several of our conventions in Colorado, and one of the highest-rated and most attended we had.

"For papers looking for good, personal feature stories, this series is an option worth considering."

If interested or if you have questions, contact Tom Hallman at