Jerry Raehal started as the LPA's executive director in September 2020. He has experience in newspapers -- with stints as publisher, editor and ad director for papers in Colorado, Wyoming and Oregon -- and press associations -- serving as the Colorado Press Association CEO from 2014-18.

You can reach him at or at 225-351-0702.

The columns below were written by Will Chapman, the previous executive director of the Louisiana Press Association. Chapman served as the executive director of LPA from April 2018 through his retirement in October 2020.

It’s been a bit like musical chairs (I thought that a friendlier image than whack-a-mole) filling one of the seats on the LPA board.

David Francis, executive vice-president and publisher of The Times-Picayune/NOLA, and the secretary-treasurer of the LPA Board, resigned his seat on the board last month, now that Georges Media Group has purchased the paper.

Ads on Louisiana news websites were three times more effective than typical government websites during a recent campaign during when LPA worked with the Louisiana Department of Treasury. This was related to unclaimed property notices alerting state residents how the state might be holding mo…

LPA members got some good news last Wednesday when it was announced that the International Trade Commission had voted to not impose permanent tariffs on North American newsprint.

While members of Congress are home during August, LPA is attempting to facilitate meetings between newspaper managers and their congressional representatives, to get newspaper people to meet face to face with their Congressman and ask for support of newspapers need for relief on the newsprin…