Press ID cards are provided annually to appropriate members’ employees. The card includes a color picture of the employee, his/her name and position, your operation’s name, and shows it was issued by the Louisiana Press Association.



Through,  LPA helps members advertise job openings at their operations to prospective employees elsewhere in the state, or anywhere in the world. In addition, anyone seeking related work in Louisiana can browse openings offered by members or may post their own resume to promote themselves for the type of work (writer, ad sales, editor, etc.) they want. This service is free to members or prospective employees.



LPA serves as the voice of the “press” and our industry in the state. With more than 2,500 bills introduced into the session each year, Louisiana’s public notices, “Sunshine Laws,” reporters’ shield law, and other industry interests come under constant challenge.

LPA coordinates government affairs efforts on behalf of its members. We’re constantly fighting to keep public notices in newspapers and on newspaper websites — and to maintain access to government information so the press can do its job and serve the watchdog role that is so crucial to our citizens.

The association actively encourages its members to develop face-to-face working relationships with their elected officials, and regularly works to rally the support of local editors and publishers when trying to guard against government secrecy. LPA is the industry’s voice both in Baton Rouge and in joining forces with national organizations to address industry issues in Washington D.C.



LPA provides a Legal Hotline that members can call for advice on a wide range of issues, including access to records and government meetings, appropriate housing ad language, libel protection and much more. LPA offers this service at no cost to its members, even though call volume has grown steadily. This all confirms the need for providing fast, quality, legal advice to our members.  One call to the Hotline could save thousands if it helps to avoid costly litigation.



The LPA Law Guide is the most comprehensive of its kind. The guide is updated annually, and available in a searchable version on the members-only section of our website. Hard copies may be downloaded, and the LPA office has hard copies that can be purchased.



LPA attempts to monitor and work with members to help them keep up with what sales taxes they have to pay, and what sales taxes they may be required to collect and remit to the state. The Sales Tax Guide is on the members-only section of our website or can be downloaded.



LPA endorses the Group Insurance Plan with Walterry Insurance for libel coverage. LPA members are eligible for a discount on their libel coverage under this program.



LPA communicates with members through weekly news updates sent via email. The updates provide information about LPA events, members and industry developments for related to news, advertising, legal issues and more.



LPA can distribute press releases statewide, emailing them directly to those who make decisions about publishing this information in print or online products. Members get significant discounts on the distribution service.



LPA constantly works to keep public notices in newspapers and on their websites, where the notices have the best chance to get noticed, giving Louisiana’s citizens the best chance of seeing these notices about actions and efforts that will affect them. LPA maintains a central statewide public notice portal to make it easy for official public journals to post public notices online and for anyone, anywhere to access those notices.



LPA is moving its Media Directory from a print publication to a digital product, where ad clients, government officials, candidates for office or anyone can easily find important information about member operations — contact info, audience information, ad specifications, publication schedules, ownership and much more. This directory makes it easy for those seeking to do any sort of business with a member can find useful information about that member.



The Louisiana Press Foundation was established in 2005. Its mission is to raise and disburse funds to provide quality educational opportunities for the benefit of the industry by Anticipating and meeting educational needs in the fields of journalism, first amendment issues, advertising, business, and technology; Developing and promoting awareness of newspapers and news websites to the general reading public; Promoting a work environments at member operations conducive to producing high quality, nationally recognized, community news and related products for their readers and adverters; and more.



There are other things LPA does for its members and on behalf of its members as situations or circumstances dictate. If you have an idea of something you think LPA should consider doing, or even better, have an idea for something you’d be willing to LPA do, let the staff or a board member know about your idea